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Loan Officer Recruiting now demands More of the Art than the Science

This market demands companies to adapt their recruiting efforts to the present environment. Hiring is now becoming more of the Art than a Science. Historically this has shifted between which side of the Ying and the Yang the hiring needs of Mortgage Lenders are at any time. This is largely influenced by factors such as the market and the talent pool and more so today than ever in the history of mortgage lending by government regulations among other influences. This is not a normal shift of going from refinance market to purchase market; it is a whole lot bigger than that. We are looking at a different set of models that are developing. Yes Branch Managers need to have a strategy, a process and maintain accountability and consistency (the science), but now more than ever in the last 15 years they need to know exactly how to Identify, underwrite, qualify and close (the art) the best candidates that they engage with. Even the most experienced Branch Managers have developed ineffective recruiting and hiring practices over the last 15 years for this new market and need guidance back to the art of recruiting and how to position themselves as the buyer throughout the recruitment cycle. With all the newly placed regulations and the disruption of the mortgage lending landscape there will be a lot of under or unqualified candidates seeking new positions within the Mortgage Banker Driven Model as suppose to the Mortgage Broker Driven Model. Just as there will be High Volume Producers that may be such a disruptive hire that it will be the undoing of that Branch. Understanding what Recruiter’s Fool’s Gold looks like, will just as important as disseminating who they need to let go of with their current loan officer staff. Retention starts at recruiting and the art of recruiting will end at future retention. Over 65% of Branch Manager’s have never had formal recruitment training with a Qualified Recruiting Coach and therefore lack the advance recruiting skills to be more than an average recruiter no matter how many goals and systems you put in front of them. And yes technology has its advantages, but the art of Recruiting Loan Officers is a voice to voice interaction transitioning to a face to face experience and finalizing in a person to person process. People work for people and that adage has not changed and until Artificial Intelligence is fully developed, that will not change. How to fully engage your candidate and truly underwrite their ability to fit within your company’s culture and to succeed with the products, pricing model, operational support, technology, the  tools provide and local leadership will be crucial to any individual branch’s long-term growth and success. If you want to learn more please contact me @ or 321-363-4384.

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