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Why Loan Officer Recruiting and Retention are One in the Same

Why Loan Officer Recruiting and Retention are One in the Same
Outside of regulations, talent is the second crisis facing the Mortgage Industry today. There are huge advantages in hiring talented employees, who already know the local market and some examples of those advantages are:
Talent is the one sustainable advantage you can get in this business. Any other advantages like operations, products or pricing are not really an advantage since the competition can catch up in those areas. Thou those three areas are critical in having a strong value proposition in recruiting. Knowing who the players are and where they work provides valuable insight that cannot be had anywhere else. Such hires know how their former employer thrived or struggled in areas like operational efficiencies, attracting and retaining customers and expanding wallet share with existing clients. Those items will be of great interest to your company as they create an advantage in the market. Hiring talented employees from rivals that serve in revenue-producing roles is ideal. Mortgage Companies that rank talent acquisition and talent retention are undoubtedly  far more successful and profitable than their competitors who don’t. You have to win with better execution, and that always comes down to people.
And those advantages will be used against you, if you and your company do not support a robust recruiting culture. So it is critical that companies take steps to make sure that highly regarded loan officers and valuable managers stay put. And that starts at recruiting!

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